2017 Presentations


Michele Theoret – Monday 9:00am-12:00pm

“BEology: The Study and Practice of Being”

We have become a society of human doings versus human beings. Stuck in a constant rat race of chasing and hustling many of us find ourselves over stressed, checked out and uninspired. As humans, we are hardwired for connection, our need to fit in and check off societies boxes leaves us “shoulding” all over ourselves and others—we trade our intuition, creativity and authenticity for acceptance. When we are covered in “shoulds” and expectations we can’t hear our own signal and we often become motivated by fear of what others will think, lack or “not-enouphness”, this stress further disconnects us from our hearts and others. When we stop “shoulding” on ourselves we can live more in alignment with who and how we want to BE in our lives versus unconsciously chasing unrealistic paradigms of success which disconnect us from our bodies, relationships and environments.

These lectures and seminars explain the neuroscience around mindfulness and inner peace while exploring the psychology of personality, attachment, emotional intelligence, motivation, inner criticism (the panel of assholes) and self-compassion. We will also explore various tools from yoga and mindfulness in addition to self-reflection and self-compassion practices from psychology in order to hijack our human operating system and live a life that is in alignment with our deepest values. Awake. Alive. Engaged.

Mauricio Vizconde – Monday 1:00pm-4:00pm

“Discovering Your Financial DNA”

What is happiness anyway? Can money buy happiness? We don’t always talk about money to our family or business affiliates. We work hard and build wealth…and what else? What’s the missing piece in the equation? Do you know how much your emotions drive your financial decisions?

Mauricio will lead you in having an interactive chat about the one thing you never talk about at the dinner table – money and happiness. He will support you in looking at the link between wealth and fulfillment.

In a light and practical way, he will help you identify your three personalized wealth priorities and a wealth blueprint – the same process he uses with his million dollar plus clients. Identify your future in the way of lifestyle, legacy, and a happy retirement.


Mick Lolekonda – Monday 6:00pm-9:00pm

“The Purpose Roadmap”

Mick will delve into the importance of having a clear purpose when looking to create fulfillment in life, our work, and business, and being able to do what we feel called to do. He will also dive into the characteristics and traits of purpose-driven individuals who have found their calling and live their purpose through their work and business.
Practical ideas will be shared that you will be able to implement right away.

Cheryl Bishop – Tuesday 7:00am-8:30am

Are you committed to your Success in YOUR business? If so, come out and learn tips and strategies on effective branding for small business. Learn how to engage your target audience with engaging headlines and advertising more effectively that works. Understand what will assist you in getting to the destination you want in your business which will assist you in maximizing your sales! By attending, you will receive a GIFT valued at $1,498.00 which will assist you in your business!

Daryl Lang – Tuesday 9:00am Introduction

“Compassion for Diversity”

What if you had a big nose, and I kept looking at it and asking you about it? I would ask you if you bump your big nose on your coffee cup when you are drinking, I would start randomly applying make-up to your big nose, and I’d hold a tissue against your big nose assuming that it’s going to drip. Or I would ignore your big nose entirely, even if you bring it up in conversation – it’s really not THAT big… so YOU shouldn’t talk about your big nose at all, ever.

Daryl will speak about what it is like to live with a disability (blindness in her case) – the assumptions people make, what is helpful and not helpful, and how people either ignore or amplify a disability. At the end of the day, a disability is part of who a person is, like a person’s cultural background or sexual orientation. We need to get to know people. We need to understand them as individuals. We need to ask (not assume) how to support. It’s not rocket science, but Daryl is out to bring an enhanced personal experience of awareness and compassion around diversity in the workplace.


Carla White – Tuesday 9:00am-12:00pm

If you feel like you are always putting out fires, or have an overwhelming to do list, it can feel like you are not getting ahead. Or maybe it’s the big fire – that one large event that has your world turned upside down.

Resilience is a process of moving through change and challenging times to re-ignite your energy and enthusiasm for life. When we use our experiences to empower and energize us we become stronger and more effective at dealing with hardships or struggles.

As a compelling keynote address, Carla shares the resilience strategies that got her through the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire and largest evacuation in Canadian history. These key lessons will keep you thriving through any adversity or chaos and can transform your life.

In a dynamic workshop, delve into a 3-step process to reduce stress, increase resilience and re-energize your life. Learn skills and strategies to remedy the lingering impacts of big workplace challenges and have your organization surpass expectations by becoming Forged by Fire!

In this interactive workshop you will:
• Transform adversity into an enjoyable challenge.
• Use a simple, yet powerful method to manage and move through a troubling situation.
• Shift quickly from stressed to serene – and stay there!
• Ignite resilience strategies both at work and in their personal lives.


Greg LeBoeuf – Tuesday 1:00pm-3:30pm

“Personal vs. Professional: Tactical Communication (PvsP)”

The gap between understanding and successfully applying effective communication techniques, while under the pressure of real confrontation, is often too wide. When faced with the very real stress, fear, and anxiety of interpersonal human aggression even great communicators can find themselves feeling overwhelmed, shut-down, and belittled. Or conversely, they feel disrespected and enraged leading to an often damaging “personal” reaction. PvsP teaches the physiology behind dealing with “difficult” customers or co-workers, while teaching participants 3 internal processes that act as mental and emotional “armour” allowing them to regulate their internal responses to aggression. Additionally, PvsP participants are taught how to deliver strong, effective communication tactics that can now be delivered from an unshakable professional presence.