Kori Chilibeck

Kori ChilibeckThe Earth Group exists entirely to provide food, water, and education to children globally. This is accomplished through a worldwide, exclusive partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that sees the company donating 100% of its profits to funding school meal programmes. School meals incentivize children to attend school, and break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and child exploitation in the world’s poorest areas. Critically, they allow children to focus on their studies, rather than their stomachs.

Chilibeck has helped feed and provide clean drinking water to more than 250,000 people in some of the poorest nations on Earth, including Haiti, Ethiopia and Sudan.

If You Had the Chance, Would You Change the World?

Founders Kori Chilibeck & Matt Moreau share their story of how the company began in a university apartment and has become a social enterprise with a global presence. The company has experienced tremendous ups and downs, including facing down bankruptcy while Kori and Matt suspended their pay for several years and took on second and third jobs. Today the company is as strong as it has ever been, with a growing community of supporters nationally and internationally. In the last few years alone, the company has provided over a million school meals to children globally and is determined to become a dominant global brand that will be at the forefront of solving world hunger.