DeeAnne Riendeau

DeeAnne Riendeau is changing the world, one powerful idea after another. The visionary behind “Your Holistic Earth”, the first comprehensive holistic healthcare network in Canada, DeeAnne has been nominated for countless awards. Profoundly affected by a near-death experience in an early life fraught with chronic illness, DeeAnne rebounded with the courageous drive and determination that led to her Health Administration degree and saw her through an impressively diverse healthcare career.

A popular speaker, international bestselling author and radio host, DeeAnne imbues everything she does with tenacity and positive energy, especially her quest to make alternative healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Manifesting Movement – How to Create Positive Impact while Loving Your Life!

In this powerful workshop you will gain tools and insights into creating sustainable and passionate careers, businesses, and lifestyle.

You will…
*Clarify of your vision both personal and professional
*Explore the concept of energy and its impact on you
*Discover the keys to creating your tribe
*Identify ways to accomplish what you want with ease and flow
*Develop a list of influencers and cheerleaders who can support you
*Uncover the challenges which keep you stuck
*Create an action plan for your personal and professional life